The Equine Practice is a comprehensive horse veterinary practice, servicing the Yarra Valley and surrounds.


Our aim is to provide your horse with the best possible veterinary care. The two partners, Dr Christian Borg and Dr Arnold Hennel, have extensive experience having worked throughout Australia and overseas. They work with horses involved in numerous disciplines including Thoroughbred racing, Standardbred racing, eventing, dressage, polo, pony club, adult riding club and breeding.

Feel free to give the clinic a call to discuss any horse veterinary issues.

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At The Equine Practice we are constantly striving to provide our clients and patients with the most up to date care. This involves not only continuing education, but also investing in the newest technology and equipment to help diagnose and treat your horse. With that in mind, we are proud to announce we have invested in a new state of the art Shockwave machine.
Shockwave is a treatment that focuses high energy pulses to injured bone or ligament to stimulate tissue turnover, new blood vessel formation, and enhance healing. By increasing blood flow to specific areas, there is better delivery of the elements required for healing. Shockwave has also been shown to increase bone turnover and have a short to medium term pain-killing effect.
We use Shockwave therapy to treat high suspensory desmitis, sesamoiditis, navicular syndrome, back and sacro-iliac pain. Therapy typically involves 3-5 treatments, each 2 weeks apart. Treatment is safe, quick, and non-invasive.
If you think your horse has an injury that may benefit from Shockwave therapy give us a call!
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