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Quick Facts 


Hoof care:
What are the basics of good hoof care?
  • Qualified farrier/trimmer

  • Regular visits from farrier or trimmer

  • Quality hoof grease applied daily especially in summer.

  • Vitamin supplement in feed

  • If feet in poor condition, a hoof supplement containing biotin can be fed.

  • Suitable hoof care for horses living conditions (eg: Shod or unshod depending on work or terrain)


First Aid: Basic horse first aid and what your first aid box should consist of?
  • Bandages (elastoplast and coplus)

  • Cotton wool roll

  • Gauze

  • Gloves

  • Chlorhex wash or iodine

  • General allround horse cream (eg: Virbac Speticide or Virbac Sea Minerals)

  • Clean sponge

  • Towels

  • large syringe

  • Bucket

Colic: What are the basic signs of Colic?
  • Rolling

  • Pawing

  • Looking at flanks

  • Constipation

  • Reduced gut sounds

  • Not eating

  • Flat/quiet/off colour

  • Laying down flat out for an extented time


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