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We take pride in providing a full rang of equine care from the pony club or hobbie horse horse to the international sport horses. A 24 hour, 365 day a year, non stop on call service is provided to all of our clients with coverage for any emergency situation. By treating early we have a much better change of a successful outcome. 

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Dental care is a very important part of your horses' regular health care program. Our vets use the most up to date equipment to care for your horses teeth, including specialist lights, head stands, power float and hand tools.


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Eye pain is a very common problem we encounter in equine veterinary practice. The clinical signs that may alert you to a problem with your horses' eyes are squinting, ocular discharge, redness, swelling, lumps, cloudiness or bumping into objects.


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The horse has a unique and delicate digestive systems. They are grazing animals with small stomachs designed to process small amounts of food almost continuously. When we confine horses and feed them relatively large amounts according to our schedules, we have to be very careful with what and how we feed.


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Unfortunately, colic is a very common medical problem encountered in veterinary practice. The word “Colic” is a broad term used to describe gut pain in the horse. The clinical signs of colic are rolling, pawing the ground, getting up and down, looking around at the abdomen, thrashing, sweating, lethargy and not passing droppings..


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Here at The Equine Practice we occasionally have cases that require more intensive medical treatment. This may be in the form of regular antimicrobial therapy, or application of medications, aggressive fluid therapy, regular bandage changes and close monitoring of the patient. 


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