Dental Care

Dental care is a very important part of your horses' regular health program. We routinely use hand tools to care for your horses' teeth and remove sharp enamel points that occur during normal wear.


These sharp points can cause ulcers or lacerations in the cheeks or tongue. Occasionally, hand tools are not sufficient to correct the dental imbalance in the mouth. This may be the case in teeth that have not been floated for a long time, in elderly horses, in horses with teeth missing or in mouths with congenital problems.


This is where the powerfloat is an invaluable tool to help restore your horses' mouth to a more normal state. Both Arnold and Christian have attended additional training seminars in the safe use of the powerfloat. This is only used when absolutely necessary, and routine hand tools are used for most dentals. We have seen a significant improvement in the quality of life of many horses after treatment with a powerfloat. We usually use sedation for our dentals because we can do a more thorough job and it is less stressful for the horse. If sedation is required, it is at no extra cost.