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Dental Care

Dental care is a very important part of your horses' regular health care program. Our vets use the most up to date equipment to care for your horses teeth, including specialist lights, head stands, power float and hand tools.


Horses chew their feed in a circular side to side motion. This constant grinding which occurs thousands of times a day, results in sharp enamel points on the 24 molars in the horses mouth. The upper arcades get sharp points on the cheek side of the teeth where as the lower arcades usually get sharp points on the tongue side.

Our job as dental vets is to assess all the teeth including the incisors and make an assessment based on the horses age, confirmation and individual wear patterns. In order to perform a thorough examination, each horse is carefully sedated and the horses head is placed on a head stand which can be individually adjusted to the horses height. Specific dental lights are used to visualize each area and the appropriate treatment is performed using a combination of power floats and hand tools.

We have a reminder system in place to inform you when your horses next dental is due which can vary for each individual depending on the horses specific needs. A free sheath clean is performed for all geldings and colts.

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